Frequently Asked Questions

Browsing & Renting

What kind of rentals can I find here? features both places to host events of your own (i.e. wedding & private parties) and places to stay near major events (i.e. Super Bowl & Indianapolis 500 ).

Does EventHomes manage the properties listed on the site?

No. Listings are published by individual property managers. Each property can have its own rental terms.

How do I contact a property manager?

You’ll find the option on each listing page, directly under the property manager’s name.

Listing My Property

How do I list my property?

It's easy to get started. You can start by going to the “Create Listing” button in the upper corner. From there you can select the pictures you’ll like to share, select the amenities your property has to offer and create a description of your property.

How do people find me?

Once published, we'll automatically match your space for events and event needs featured on our website, and potential renters will contact you directly.

Does it cost anything to create a listing?

Creating your listing is completely free. We do provide additional options to advertise further on our site after creating your listing. We have options to give your listing higher priority in search results or to also be featured on the front page.

Does EventHomes take a commission?

No, Event Homes doesn’t take any commission. We do not assist in actual rental process. We operate as a matchmaking service or simple classified ads website.

Maximizing Interest in My Listing

What makes a great listing?

First and foremost, a great cover image! With out it, many people may not even look at your listing. Next is a great title. It should communicate the best thing about your property (i.e. Private Lakefront Cabin or Trendy Downtown Loft). Last, but not least, a description of your property that includes all the things that make it a great choice for a renter.

What are the image guidelines?

Due to our quality standards, photos must be a minimum of 1024 x 683 in size. Please do not enlarge images below the minimum requirement. Poor quality images will be removed. We do not allow layered images or collage type images. Images with text overlays are not allowed. Google Streetview or similar images are not allowed as a cover image.

How do I get more people to see my listing?

You can make your listing a Max or Pro listing, allowing your listing to frequent the front page and appear first in search results. You can view those options after creating your listing or by selecting “Boost Visibility” next to your listing, after logging in.

How do I choose a great cover image?

Great cover photos are often an exterior shot of a home or property. If your property offers a great view, a shot of that view may also be a great choice. If nothing else, choose a photo that showcases the best aspect of your property.

How do I create an engaging title?

Similarly to your cover photo, your title should express the best thing about your property. Keep it short and sweet! You want to quickly grab someone's attention who maybe quickly skimming through a long set of listings.

How do I write captivating property description?

Share anything that makes your property a great choice for a renter, especial things that maybe unique features or amenities. Detail its location and what’s near by. Share ways your guest can expect to keep themselves entertained. Also consider whether your property is wheelchair, kid or pet friendly. Lastly, don’t forget the small things, like available appliances or what will be provided in the bathrooms and kitchen.

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