Privacy Policy

Effective 10/15/2014 uses the information you provide to list your home on the site, or to pass communications between the parties to a rental transaction. Some of this information is “personally identifiable information”, as described below. It is important that you understand what we collect, how we use it and how you may change that information when circumstances require. These topics and more are addressed below.

The Information We Collect:

The Information we collect includes your name, your address, domain name, IP and e-mail addresses, telephone number, and credit card information including the account number and billing address.

We gather consumer-specific information concerning the pages you access or visit, the date and time you access the site, the time spent on the pages visited, the order of the pages visited, the hardware and software you are using to access the site, and other information you provide, including listing information and/or site registrations, uploaded pictures and property information, and such other information as you may volunteer while using the site.

How We Use the Information We Collect and Who We Share It With:

The information you provide may be disclosed as follows:
a) If you are listing your home, the information concerning your city and neighborhood will be provided, along with the photographic images you supply us. This information may be captured and indexed by search engines and published in the search results they produce.
b) If you are booking an event home, or requesting such a booking, the home owner or host will be provided your name and, possibly, your phone number and e mail address.

We will use your information for other purposes. The information we collect is stored and used to customize the content and layout of our page for each individual user, and to notify customers about updates to our site. Some of the information enables us to provide you with access to the site in the future, and to use the site efficiently.

In order to operate and improve the site, protect it and provide you with its full benefit, we use the information we gather for research and analysis. We analyze the information to maximize our marketing and advertising efforts and strategies. We use the information to provide you with service, support, and administrative messages addressing security, updates, and certain features of the site. With your permission we may use the information to present you with marketing or promotional messages from and potential business partners.

We may share the information with such business partners for these purposes, or we may share it with governmental authorities if necessary in order to comply with the law. We may provide the information for on-going investigations at the request of a governmental authority. We may use the information to assist in compliance with, or enforcement of, our website policies or applicable laws and regulations. We may use the information to protect against misuse or unauthorized use of the site. We may use or share the information for fraud protection or risk assessment. may sell, share or otherwise transfer the information with a purchaser or successor entity if our company is sold, merged, involved in bankruptcy or insolvency or forfeiture proceedings, or otherwise transferred to another entity.

How You Can Change The Information You Have Provided:

The information you provide to is entered on the in fields on site pages for sign up, to make listings and on contact forms. To make changes to any listing information you have provided in those fields, log onto the site, Choose the appropriate menu choice, (for e.g., “List your Home”, “Login” or “My Account”) make changes in the appropriate fields and click on the update button below the field entry areas.

You may also delete your information through the “Login” section on the and/or by using the contact form for assistance.

You can use the contact form to provide changes to Usually we will respond within 2 – 3 business days.

“Cookies”, “Tracking” and Advanced Features – How We Respond to “Do Not Track” Directives:

Third Parties may not collect information about your activities on the website except as described below: uses cookies to store visitor preferences, we record session information, such as items that consumers add to their shopping cart, and we record user-specific information on the pages selected by users, and past activity on the site. We may allow our business partners to use their cookies or other tracking technologies on the site. For this reason, you should understand that when you visit the site you will make the information available to and its business partners

We use certain advance features, such as Google Analytic Demographics, Real-Time, Intelligence Events, Goal Conversion Tracking, Acquisition and Site Behavior features from Google, (Google Adwords and Google Analytics).

You can opt out of many of Google’s privacy tracking methods by using tools from Google. You may disable the use of cookies on your browser settings. However, does not change its practices in response to a “do not track” signal on the http header from either your browser or mobile application. We track your activities if you click on our advertisements on other websites and platforms, including search engines and social networks. We may use analytics to track what you do in response to those advertisements. also uses Twitter conversion tracking to monitor marketing campaign conversion success. We also may from time to time run ads that are focused on specific groups of people by location and/or age. To opt-out of Twitter conversion tracking or for more information about Twitter conversion tracking, please visit: Tailer ads and Your Privacy from Twitter (

There are third parties that offer means to prevent targeted advertisements from reaching your computer or device. You may opt-out on websites provided by groups such as Network Advertising Initiative (, and the Digital Advertising Alliance, ( For these purposes you may also try Google’s Ad Preference Manager, ( You may still receive advertising while on the site.

Security: utilizes security measures in its handling, administration and storage of your information, and we employ reasonable technical security measures. We do this to protect against the risk of unauthorized access to your information, and to protect against the risk that the information will be altered or destroyed. Still, cannot guarantee or provide complete security when the information is transmitted over the internet, or stored electronically.

Notice of Changes to Privacy Policy: may change the manner in which we gather, store and use the information addressed in this Policy. This may be done without notice at any time. Changes in the Privacy Policy may follow at any time. When material changes are made we will post the new policy on the site bearing a new effective date at the very beginning of the Policy statement, as above. This may be the only means by which a notice of a change in the Policy will be provided, so you it is important that you review the policy from time-to-time as you visit the site.